What is Bithub Community?
Bithub Community is a social media platform for cryptocurrency community that allows users to share content, promote their projects, blogs, forums, links, and stories. We combine concepts from social media with the latest advances that support community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency. Crypto developers can also come together to combine bounty and airdrop campaigns, make their ads and present their projects to the public providing tools such as blog, forums and ad serving and more.

Bithub Community Mission
Bithub Community mission is to create a platform where every crypto enthusiast can discuss, elaborate, express their ideas, and promote their projects in one platform that can cater social media blogs and forum.

Bithub Community Vision
Bithub Community vision is to be the first social media for crypto currency community. Soon this platform could be line up on the top social media that most people are using.

If you want to know more about Bithub Community, Below are useful sites where you can visit to know more about their platform.

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Bitcointalk Bounty:


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